Friday, October 22, 2010

Freebie Friday: Free Sicily Excursion and the Chance to Travel with Moi

I've spilled so much virtual ink on this blog writing about other people's travels, yet I'd almost forgotten to mention my own upcoming trip. And its one that you, dear reader, can take with me.

Every other year, or so, I accompany a tour for listeners to my radio show. So that's the impetus for the tour, but, in reality, its open to anyone who wants to join.

Taormina (photo by Gnucx)

My last jaunt was a whirlwind gallop around China. This one should be much, much more relaxing, focusing on La Dolce Vita in a place where living that way has been raised to an art form: Sicily. In the course of the tour, we'll hit all of the island's highpoints with a professional guide. We tour the Greek ruins at Agrigento (as important as any you'd find in Greece), the Byzantine churches and palaces in Palermono, small medieval villages, and the historic churches and buildings of Syracusa and Taormina.

And then we'll do something wonderful: we'll have free days during which we can explore on our own. Its a schedule that I personally think is the best of both worlds. We'll get oriented in each new site with a pro, and then we'll have time to ourselves to adventure on our own, without a big group in tow. Most of the meals are also independent, key for an island with this many great but too-tiny-for-a-busload-of-people Mom-and-Pop restaurants.

The tour runs from March 17-28. And here's where the freebie comes in: If you book before end of day on October 29, you'll receive a free additional excursion for one of the non-touring days. 

For complete information, please click here. Would love to have you join me in beautiful Sicily!

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  1. I am currently on the volcano Etna. It's fantastic