Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Tours, Lower Prices: Explore Worldwide's Latest Discount

Its hard to describe what 30-year old Explore Worldwide does.

I can tell you what it doesn't do. It doesn't cram 40 people into a tour bus. Or host excursions that only North Americans book. Or charge far more than the expenses on the tour warrant.

I know, I know. That doesn't narrow it down much. Let's try this: Explore is a small group adventure tour company that hosts all manners of creative tours all over the globe for an international clientele. Want to canoe the Amazon with your 10-year-old, or trek through Morocco only in the company of other singles? Explore offers both these options. There are also vacations that combine cultural immersion with volunteer opportunities; boat journeys; rail trips; cycling vacations; safaris; and trips that center around viewing an eclipse, to name just a few options. As I said, this ain't an easy company to pin down.
Tibetan Monks (photo by WonderLane)

Explore is offering 70 new tours in 2011, and in an attempt to fill them, it's giving 20% discounts on them to anyone who books before November 5. Most are quite well-priced even before the discount. Take for example, the company's cycling holiday through the Basque region of both France and Spain. An 8-day trip, including the cycles, rail tickets from Paris, accommodations and the services of a guide is just $1020, a good $300 less than what other companies charge for similar tours. A challenging 17-day trek through Nepal is going for $1910 currently with the discount. That price includes all in-country transportation, all meals, all accommodations and the services of guides and sherpas. For the least expensive tours, click on those listed as "Budget".

For complete information, click on the link at the top of this article. But do it soon! The discount only goes for another week!

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