Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Vagueries of Getting To and From Barcelona's Airport

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
"Why no trains?"
"The rain."
"The trains don't run in the rain?"
"Not in Spain."

This was today's lesson on this, the last day of a two-week trip through Spain.

So, once again, my trip to the airport was derailed. Flying into the country, I accepted the kindness of a stranger (a friend of a friend, actually) who offered me a ride in from the airport since a general strike had severely limited all other options. Today, I got drenched flagging down cabs in the Passeig Gracia.

Ah well. Its a small hassle in what has been a genuinely soul-stirring, two-week adventure in Catalonia. I've blogged a bit about it on my Weight Watchers blog. I'll also be running a series of columns on the experience, which I'll link to from this blog once they appear.

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