Monday, October 18, 2010

Hurry! JetBlue's Floating a One Day Sale (Plus a Suggestion for Travelers Headed for France)

Boston (photo by D.P.Ohmer)
Yesterday, when my family flew back home from Louisville, KY on Continental, my 7-year-old, sounding like a commercial, whined as we boarded "Why can't we fly Jetblue?" Yes, such is the power of seat-back TV's and free blue potato chips, at least for the Sponge Bob set.

For adults, the lure comes down to reasonable pricing and those fares have gotten a heckuva lot more reasonable today, thanks to a one-day, nearly system-wide sale. Rates start at a mouthwatering $29 each way, with particularly good fares into and out of Boston. Some examples:

  • Pittsburgh, Baltimore, NYC or Buffalo to or from Boston: $39 each way
  • Fort Lauderdale to/and from Nassau: $29 each way ($39 from Orlando)
  • San Francisco to Austin: $99 each way

These prices are good on flights from Oct 25 through Dec 15, with anything around Thanksgiving, alas, blacked out.

Full details on the sale, can be found by clicking here. Act quickly! This sale disappears at the stroke of midnight, ET.

Bonjour France, bonjour strikes!

Several weeks ago, I flew into Barcelona on the day that general strikes were scheduled to hit. Hearing about the problems in advance, I arranged for a friend to meet me at the airport with a car. Lucky I did: public transportation had ground to a halt. A number of bus drivers who tried to work that day, got their windsheilds smashed.

I was surprised to meet a number of Americans on the plane who had no idea what awaited them on the ground. They hadn't heard about the strike and neither had their travel agents, who'd booked them onto trains upon their arrival in Barcelona.

So, today's blog is a bit of a PSA: If you're planning on flying into France tomorrow (or taking a train into that country or within that country), contact your travel agent, airline or rail line. Strikes are afoot. And the government has just issued a request to the airlines to cancel 50% of their flights tomorrow. There have already been disruptions today thanks to a wildcat strike of the employees who refuel planes.

Vive la France!

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