Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Noteworthy Sale on British Bus Fares

Why do so many North Americans head to the UK and then never leave the confines of London itself? Sure, its hard to pry oneself away from the wonder that is London. But you'd think after a long, pricey TransAtlantic one would want to explore just a bit further.

Part of the problem may be the high cost of travel within the British Isles. Rent a car, and you're looking at 55 GBP or more, depending on where you pick up the car per day. Add on to that the high cost of petrol, and tootling around the UK with your own wheels becomes a less appealing option.  Trains are hardly better. In researching the fares between London and Leeds, I couldn't come up with anything better than 27 GBP for a one-way ticket.

But you don't have to pay those rates. If you get lucky, you'll pick up a bus fare for just 1GBP from  National Express Coaches. Its current sale, which covers all of the major cities in the UK and a number of minor ones (London, Cambridge, Exeter, Manchester, Leeds, Chelmsford, etc) is dropping the cost of a seat to as little as 1 GBP, capping the highest one will pay at 10 GBP.

Leeds Castle (photo by Jim Crossley)
Tickets must be purchased by November 10 for travel through December 12 (sorry, no Christmas travel). For full details, head to the link above. Hopefully, this sale will inspire Brit-bound Americans to rove a bit further.

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