Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another Fee to Factor In: Fuel Surcharges

They're baaaack!

Last week, JetBlue announced that it would be adding fuel surcharges to the Caribbean. This week, the Associated Press is reporting that a number of other airlines will be adding them as well, the first time these types of fees have been charged since 2008. So be careful when you book American, Delta, Continental and United as these fees may not appear until well down on the booking pages.

Those flying internationally should be aware that Air France is now adding fuel surcharges; and Singapore Airlines and its subsidiary SilkAir recently increased theirs.

This all follows a spike in oil prices which most experts are predicting will go even higher. And with oil so go airfares, so if you're on the fence about buying a ticket for travel in the next three months, now may be the time to plunk down your cash. I, for one, am worried that airfares will just go higher, along with those surcharges.

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