Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fly between Chicago and Either San Francisco or LA for Just $7 (Book Today)

Today's announcement that Virgin America was going to be adding Chicago's O'Hare airport onto its flight roster came in a highly unusual way: via And I'd say the event marks a coming of for both for the airline and for the world's largest group-buying site.

Photo by Ann Larie Valentine
Its a highly significant move for Virgin, which up until this point had confined itself to the coastal regions of the US (its airports in Mexico and Las Vegas were the exceptions; word has it that the airline will be dumping its hub in Toronto). With mighty Chicago as its latest get, Virgin has put in a claim for the American heartland. I can only assume Chicago will be just the first new midwestern hub it announced in the coming months.

For Groupon, this is its first full-throated foray into the travel sphere. Oh sure, it's posted deals for lift tickets, walking tours and museum, but this partnership with Virgin is at a new scale for the site.

And what a deal! Those who book today will get a ticket between the Windy City and either Los Angeles or San Francisco for just $7. Travelers must purchase the coupon today, but have until May 25 to schedule their travel. The window for flights is from May 25 through Nov 11, 2011.

Move fast as this deal could sell out. For full details, click here.

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