Friday, February 11, 2011

Kids Free on Early Season Disney cruises

View of Alaska from the water (by Steve Anderson)
What's Disney famous for today? Princesses, making NFL stars' dreams come tream ("I'm going to Disneyworld!"), keeping Walt on ice, and last, but not least: never EVER discounting. (And I'm talking about true discounts, not the price drops the company rolls out each winter to keep their on-site motels filled at prices that are still a good $30 a night above their equivalent competitors).

Well, Goofy bites Tarzan! It looks like Disney is whistling a different (happy) tune this year. To innaugurate its cruises to Alaska, Disney will be allowing kids to cruise for free if they're accompanied by two parents, and can play hooky by vacationing between May 3 and May 24.

Alas, only deluxe staterooms are covered by the freebie offer, meaning that even with the freebie for kids, you won't be spending less than you would on other ships at this time of year. I just found $600 Alaskan cruises on Royal Caribbean for May, meaning one could get four into a cabin for a hair less than the price of two in a deluxe stateroom on Disney (which starts at $1250 from most sellers). Still, if you want to have the "Disney experience" for your family at a reasonable rate, this sale is as good as it gets.

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