Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Choose a March Getaway for Your Break This Spring

A "keg stand" on South Padre Island (photo by JD)
Spring break is nearly upon us. Oh, can you hear the kegs sing?

As per usual, Florida, coastal Texas and the Mayan Riviera are predicted to be the top party spots for college-age vacationers, though the decision by MTV to film its annual bash in Las Vegas may lure a number of them to Sin City (despite restrictions that keep anyone under the age of 21 off the casino floors without a chaperon, a major buzz kill).

As for costs, a doom and gloom article in USAToday quotes a number of travel agents warning that the airfares and hotel rates will be higher and crowds will be bigger. Undoubtedly the first prediction is true and barely a prediction at this point, as airfares are already a good 17% higher (by most estimates) than they were a year ago, and hotel rates are inching up, too.

But larger crowds? Not necessarily.

We can thank the christian calendar. This year  Easter will be falling much later than usual (on April 24; last year it was April 4) which will elongate the season. Those without kids will likely take the usual March getaway, but those with elementary and high school children will be given a week or two-week long break around Easter. College students? Their break time is varying from school to school, with some keeping to the usual March schedule, others switching to Easter-time.

The down-low? Flexible vacationers should look to vacation in March, as the majority of people will be taking time off in April.

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