Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another New Hotel Fee, Perhaps the Most Insidious of All

Christopher Elliott reported on his blog yesterday that Las Vegas' MGM Grand Resort will now be charging guests a $20 a night fee for guaranteeing a non-smoking room.

Photo by Bruce

I guess you gotta give 'em props for creativity. But its enough reason for me to avoid the MGM Grand. With that fee, and the property's outrageous $20 resort fee, I'd be paying a whopping $40 a night extra just for the privilege of being a sucker. No thanks.

 Its a shame as the MGM is a darn nice property, with an impressive portfolio of restaurants, one of the best pool areas on the Strip (complete with lazy river and water slides) and rooms that are decorated in a plush, neo-Art Deco style that's quite attractive.

But I'm not a smoker. And I'm concerned by recent studies on the effects of so-called "third-hand smoke", the carcinogenic compounds  left behind on a room's furniture and walls long after the original smoke has dissipated. They're the reason that hotel rooms smell of cigarettes days after the smoker has checked out. And they're the reason I choose non-smoking rooms and move if I'm put into one that reeks of cigarettes.

With this disgaceful new fee MGM isnot only hurting its customers pocketbooks, but potentially their health.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly; since when is it a privilege to enjoy a room that does not smell like toxic smoke? I think smokers should have their rights, but they should pay for that right, not the other way around. Next time I'm in Vegas, I will patronize a hotel that gets this right.