Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sorry Junior, The Free Ride Is Over: A Change to Cruise Pricing for Babies

Is that your toddler scarfing down thirds from the buffet line? Guess we should be blaming him for Norwegian Cruise Lines' recent decision to pull the plug on free, and very heavily discounted, cruises for the under-two set.

A spokesperson for Norwegian has confirmed to  that the line will no longer be offering free passage for babies aged 6 months to 2 years (younger babies were never permitted aboard). Instead, the same rates that apply to older children will apply, which means some slight discounting for up to two kids sharing the stateroom with two adults. Previous to this, babies traveled for free or for discounts of as much as 80% (it varied by ship and itinerary). 

In instituting this new policy, Norwegian will be adopting the industry standard. And disappointing a lot of new parents, one suspects.

Wah! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

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