Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Antarctic Explorations: End of the Earth and End of Your Budget?

Heading to Antarctica requires fortitude. The Drake Passage, which all boats must pass through, is notorious for its heaving waves and frequent storms. And for many travelers, the cost of Antarctic travel requires years of saving up. Prices for these cruises are measured in the thousands, and that's before airfares are factored in.

So how can one do it affordably? One can't.

But there are ways to shave prices considerably. Currently, the Canadian small group adventure company GAP Adventures--which made the news in 2007 when its antarctic boat hit an iceberg and sank (thankfully the crew and passengers were all saved)-- is offering travelers an excellent discount on its new ship. For the first two sailings of the season (November 7 and 18) GAP will be shaving $1000 off the regular cost of its 13 day trip, dropping the price to $3399 on the first sailing, and $4799 on the second. (The discount requires the code: early_season_ant_2011_1000). Called the "Antarctica Classic In Depth" tour, participants explore both the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. Leopard seals, penguins and bragging rights are the reward.

Can't make the trip in November? Check out GAP's later sailings and those of rival operators, such as Quark Expeditions which offers 11 or 12 day expeditions starting at $4890; and Kumuka Tours which offers 11 day trips for around the same amount.


  1. There are couple of sites which offers best cruise line to tourist. Antarctica is like heaven. I have visited couple of times, that's why i tempted all visitor to visit this place. I had enjoyed white Xmas at south pole in Antarctica. Glad to read your article which is indeed for tourist.

    1. Travel to this place isn't a worthy option after all.

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