Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Best Deal to China Ever? This One Certainly Comes Close

Photo by Mitch Altman
In this time of ever-rising airfares, its surprising, to put it mildly, to hear of flight that hops across the Pacific for just $799. But when that price also includes six-nights in a fine hotel, transfers into Beijing from the airport, 3-days worth of guided sightseeing, all breakfasts and three lunches, I start to wonder if my leg is being pulled. Right out of its socket.

Doesn't seem to be the case, as the reputable China Spree Travel is behind this extraordinary offer. They've created similar miracles in the past; listeners who've traveled with the company have called in to our radio show to rave (in a good way) about the experience.

In this case, the super deal is six night package to Beijing, with departures throughout January and February of 2012, as well as for two dates in November at this starting price. Lowest overall costs are for those flying out of San Francisco, though there are reasonably priced add-ons from other cities. An additional $79 in taxes and fees will be added to the final price. Included sightseeing tours cover the Great Wall, the Forbidden Palace, the Summer Palace, Tiannamen Square, the Bird's Nest Stadium and a number of other top sites. Click on "Winter Specials" when you go to the China Spree site.

I had the good fortune to spend a full week in Beijing two summers ago (I'd visited in the past, but only for briefer stays) so I can say from experience that its a city--like Paris, London or New York--that repays those who linger. From its marble clad malls, to art galleries where contemporary artists bravely skewer the government, to ancient temples of all sorts, Beijing will turn out to be nothing like you expected. And much better than you'd hoped. One of my favorite destinations and at this price...well, how could you go wrong?

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