Thursday, May 12, 2011

Its Not Too Late to Get a Deal on An Early Season Pass To Your Local Amusement Park

Kennywood (photo by Alan)
Yes, some discounts have now expired. But if you're looking to go to a Six Flags park, and several others, the deals are still out there. The scoop:

  • Six Flags: Six Flags has no expirations date on its early season pass deals, though I've heard from those in the know that one should expect them to disappear by the end of May. Right now, the cheapest are $49 passes, available at some parks but usable at all 13 owned by this conglomerate. Alas, you can't just buy the cheapest pass and use it at your local park; it must be validated first at the pass for which its flagged. But if you're traveling into an area with a Six Flags, and want a day of coasters, it might be a good idea to see if the one you'll be near will be cheaper than the one in your area (at least where passes are concerned).
  • Kings Island, Ohio: It takes three visits to pay off a $99 season pass here, but as that pass also comes with parking (a $39.99 a day cost), unless you're planning to hitchike, the savings will come sooner. The Gold VIP pass cited above, also includes days when one can bring a friend at a discount; and the ability to skip lines at some of the more popular attractions. The deadline for purchasing this pass is May 31.
  • Kings Dominion, VA: On this one, the deadline is May 31 and you have to go VIP (for $20 more) to get the free parking. Still, this season pass will pay off in just two visits. If you plan to visit just once, its still worth heading to the website soon (no exact cut off date is given), as adults are being sold tickets at kids rates (a savings of $10) when purchased in advance online.
  • Kennywood, PA: Season passes here pay off in 3 visits, but holders get to bring their buddies on certain dates for just $10. 
Do you know of a discount I'm missing? If so post here. I've also seen a lot of good offers at

Here's to summer thrills!

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