Friday, May 6, 2011

Freebie Friday: Free Eats at Disneyworld This Fall

Photo by Chester Dumont
Whenever I peruse Disney packages, I take out my calculator. "Mickey" rhymes with "tricky" for a reason. Not all of the Mouse's 'discounts add up to real savings .

I'm happy to report that the "New Memories Vacation Package", however, is the real deal. It starts at $1605 for a five-night, six-day vacation but that includes digs at one of the All Star Resorts, theme park tickets, and a quick-service dining plan (two meals and two snacks per day). As icing on the Princess-cake, you also get a photo album and a mug, that can be refilled free of charge at your resort.

Since the park tickets and motel stay alone would cost a hair more than $1605 (according to my calculations), the free meals tips the scales in this deals favor.

Is there anything Goofy about the offer? Of course. Here's a list of negatives:
  • Its only available for select days between August 28 and September 24, which means you may have to be flexible with your travel plans to make sure all your dates are covered under the plan. Also, your kids are going to have to miss some school, which may not be a good idea during the crucial "getting to know you" phase of the first few weeks of a new year.
  • Unless you're willing to upgrade to a more expensive hotel, you can't use the dining plan at any of the waitered service restaurants. (An upgraded version of the deal starts at $2047). So no character breakfasts for your little ones unless you're will to pay out of pocket.
  • The All Star Resorts aren't the most charming of Disney properties and are a long shuttle ride from most of the actual theme parks. Still, they're servicable and have some cute theming.
  • No "Park Hopper" pass on this deal, so you won't be able to hop from the Magic Kingdom to Epcot over the course of one day.
The biggest negative? That the plan, obviously, doesn't include the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, since that's at rival Universal Studios. My guess is many folks will use this plan, but then squander a day of it (in terms of meals and theme park tix) at Universal.

If you'd like to learn more, click here. Bookings must be made by Aug 28.

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