Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Case for Traveling on Friday the 13th

(Photo by Gabriel Pinto)

(Note from Pauline: This blog was supposed to run last Friday, but due to glitches at Blogger--bad luck?--I had to schedule it for today).

It’s quiet around me as I write this, though I’m sitting at the heart of the gleaming, modern Tampa Airport. But the check in line was nil, and the TSA agents seemed glad for the company when I walked up.

Why such a peaceful travel experience? Because I’m not superstitious. You see, its Friday the 13th, so those who cross the street when they see a black cat are also making darn sure not to board a plane today. According to a recent study by Kayak UK, prices on airfares drop by as much as 20% on this date.

It’s a good thing to keep in mind, as Friday the 13th occurs three times most calendar years. Alas, this is the only one in 2011. Looking for a discount? Fly when everyone else is too scared to do so!


  1. Genius. Now if one of these would occur every December, things would be a lot easier.

  2. I totally agree, who cares about Friday the 13th, or black cats crossing your way at night. I fly when it is cheap

  3. That is hilarious! I had no idea that people actually did not fly on Friday the 13th, great tip I'm gonna keep my eye out for deals in 2012!

  4. I must admit to thinking about this when I have travel scheduled on a Friday the 13th, however it hasn't scared me off yet. I suppose, I am only slightly superstitious, just not enough to make me change.

  5. lol brilliant! If I had known I would have booked a flight too - can't beat a discount on a Friday flight!

    I'm not usually superstitious either so I would definitely fly on Friday the 13th, but I have to admit that it's in the back of my mind... "what if?" :)

    1. Thats just a superstition! it doesn't matter at all.