Tuesday, August 14, 2012

China Cheap, Part 10 (Or Is It 11?)

The deals for China just keep rolling across my desk. This latest one, however, is a bit different. Not only does it includes a river cruise (a tremendous plus) but its doable from either coast of the United States.

That's a new twist. Usually when we see great deals for China, they're geared towards Californians. But in this case, anybody who can fly out of New York City will also enjoy tremendous savings.

Sailing thru 3 Gorges
And with the addition of the river cruise, participants will get to see one of the greatest engineering wonders (or follies, depending on your point of view) of the 20th century: the Three Gorges Dam. A controversial project from the start, requiring the destruction of a half-dozen historic Chinese villages, the dam is now the largest power station in the world. Drifting through its massive locks, something I've been lucky enough to experience, is akin to seeing the world as an ant must. Its an awe-inspiring cruise, to put it mildly.

The seller of this package is long-established Gate1Travel and the price a mere $1599 for airfare (both from LAX or JFK), 9 nights of lodging, all meals, all sightseeing, all in-country transportation and entrance fees at all attractions. The package must be booked by August 20th to get this price; travel dates are in December and January.

Click on this link to learn all the details.