Friday, August 3, 2012

Freebie Fridays: Free Food Fests Around the US (Thanks to National Geo Traveler)

No, the illustrious magazine isn't sponsoring any gorge-athons. But it has compiled a nifty list of the festivals that are still free to the public to attend.

Many top food fests now charge an entrance fee as well as fees for the grub (boo hiss). Attend any of the ones National Geo has found and you can dine with your eyes (though you'll have to open your wallet if you actually want to swallow anything). Along with food for sale, many fests include cooking demonstrations and other food-oriented activities.
VT Maple Syrup is the focus of one free fest

Yes, there are a couple of fudges on the list, and not the chocolate kind. Its hard to think of ongoing markets, like Pike's in Seattle and the Union Square Market in NYC, as "festivals". But for the most part the list is a terrific resource for all your traveling foodies. Here's a link.

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