Monday, August 6, 2012

Spain Leads The Way In Fighting Airline Baggage Fees

Though it likely won't change Department of Transportation Ray LaHood's stance on fees (he's said publicly that the US Government has no right to regulate them), it was heartening to see one government pushing back against the airlines. Malaga, in Spain, is preparing a lawsuit against all the carriers that fly into its airport and charge baggage fees. The basis of the suit is the 1960 Air Navigation Law which states that a passenger's ticket covers both the carriage of the passenger and his  luggage.

The complete story is in England's Daily Telegraph.

In my fantasy, the lawsuit is so wildly popular that the government officials sponsoring it get enough campaign contributions to keep them in office for life. US politicians, hearing of this outcome, amend the Deregulation Act, which allows our airlines to charge what they please when they please, to one that's a hair more consumer friendly. Overnight, luggage fees disappear!

Well, I can dream can't I? Or perhaps it's time to move to Spain!


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