Monday, August 15, 2011

Drive a Billboard, Get a Rental Discount

Pretend you're a NASCAR driver in your rental!
Why not?

The Associated Press reported last week on a pilot program with the Atlanta outlet of Budget Rent a Car that marries rentals with advertising. Simply put, the company pastes the outside of the car with brightly colored ads hawking one product. Customers who agree to rent that car, are then given significant discounts. A family who recently rented a minivan to drive from Georgia to Florida, saw their cost for the week cut by over two-thirds, from $300 down to $88, simply for agreeing to drive on of these new "ad cars".

At this point, Budget has just one advertising customer, a maker of 'energy strips'; the campaign will run through November (for Atlanta initiating rentals only). But its actively soliciting other brands to get on-board. 

Would you drive a billboard? I, for one, have no problem with the concept.

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