Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One More Chance to Buy JetBlue's Popular Pass

(photo by Rich Moffitt)
Several weeks ago, I alerted you to the third annual release of JetBlue's highly popular passes. This year's version was a bit different in that it was only available from Boston and Long Beach. You can read my previous blog which analyzes the pros and cons of the new passes by clicking here.

The most popular pass, The JetBlue Boston AllPass (which allowed travelers to head anywhere JetBlue flew from Beantown for three autumn months) sold out within a week of its announcement. Responding to popular demand, the airline has put that back on sale but just until the end of the day tomorrow.
The other two passes are also still available, for those who don't mind limiting their travels a bit (these passes are significantly less expensive).

If this type of non-stop wandering interests you, surf over to JetBlue's website---and do it quickly!

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