Thursday, August 25, 2011

Warnings, warnings and more travel warnings

As big, bad Irene continues to the menace the US, newspapers are filling with extensive warnings about travel cancellations. What's most important for flyers to realize is that even if your plane isn't flying to or from the zone affected by Irene, you may still experience delays and cancellations. With the airlines stretched so thin (ie fewer planes in the sky), planes grounded by the storm may not make it out of the region in order to fly safer routes. The takeaway: if you're supposed to be flying anywhere from a US airport in the next three days, be in constant contact with your airline.

(Photo by StarMaster)
Bedbugs on the rise again is running a disturbing article on the increasing threat of bed bugs to hotel guests. Worst infestations are apparently in Myrtle Beach, Chicago, New York and San Francisco. The best article I've read on what to do if you suspect your hotel room may be buggy ran about a year ago in the Washington Post. Click here to read that informative piece (and view the video on checking your room for bed bugs).

Train Issues in Europe
French workers, in a dispute over pay, are threatening a strike which would impact Chunnel itineraries this weekend. If you're scheduled to travel between France and the UK this weekend, be sure to keep on top of the news, or you may spend more time than you'd like in a train station.

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