Thursday, September 27, 2012

An Italian Grand Tour At Reasonable, If Very Limited, Low Rates

I got a jolt of nostalgia today when I peeked at TravelZoo's "Top 20" list. Near the top was a deal from a company I've written about for years: And for a moment it looked like they were back to charging the kind of prices that put them on the map a decade ago.

TravelZoo's Headline blared: "$1199--Italy: Rome, Florence, Venice 9 Night Trip with Air". Pretty impressive right? Especially when you consider that the rate also included train transportation between the cities.

Alas, in checking GoToday's site directly, it looks like this one is a VERY limited. Though the sale is supposed to be for select dates November through March, the first two months don't appear to have packages available at anywhere near those prices and in January and February I found one date only, each month, when the rate would drop that low.

Still, if you can travel on one of those dates, well, this is a true steal of a deal. Use code TZIT10 when booking to get the discount at the Go-Today site. Additional, but small, hotel taxes must be paid upon arrival in Italy.

Oh, and happy World Tourism Day. This year's theme is "energetic sustainability", a worthy goal most definitely.


  1. thanks for this tip, shall try to find something for this fall. everytime i try one of these packages the price skyrockets because i prefer to travel solo.

  2. VERY difficult to make air/hotel packages work for solo travelers. Sorry! Much better for couplse