Thursday, October 4, 2012

Long Distances, Low Rates: Today's Highlighted Deal Is To the Idyllic Cook Islands

One of the nicest things about attending Travel Shows--besides hearing experts like Ed Salvato and well, me, speak--is that many companies create special deals just for those who show up. But they don't necessarily track the deal back to the show. So if you hear about a deal discussed at one of these shows--say by, well, me--you can still take advantage of it even if you never got near the convention center floor.

Such is the case with the wonderful offers South Pacific specialist GoWay Travel has on tap. Its offering three iterations on air/hotel packages to the Cook Islands, with those staying the longest getting the very best deals (not surprising as the airfare is the priciest component of the package). GoWay will be charging just $1999 per person (based on double occupancy) for a 12-night stay in the Cooks, a round-trip flight on Air New Zealand from Los Angeles (other gateways available for a small uptick in price), on-island transfers to and from your hotel, daily breakfasts and a $100 "Cook Islands Cash Card". The latter is basically mad money for whatever you might want to buy once on vacation.

And there's lots to buy there, particularly if you're into water sports. You might use that $100 towards superb scuba diving or snorkeling, or perhaps a deep sea fishing trip. Or the money could go towards shopping, guided hikes, you name it. There's lots to see and do in the Cooks, though when I asked GoWay manager Tom Ryan how he'd spend his fortenight there, he simply smiled broadly and said "Relaxing!".

For those who can't take a full two weeks away, GoWay has shorter deals as well. Take a look at the Goway site (click on the changing slide that says "Cook Islands Free Cash").

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