Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Raft of Discounts and Perks for Students Willing to Spend Spring Break in Bermuda

Who would have guessed that an island that's best known for modest shorts and high tea has been secretly hoping to get the keggers and "Girls Gone Wild" crowd?

Yes, sniffy, buttoned-up Bermuda wants to know "Where the Boys Are?" (and the girls, too) this February and March. For students who can travel to the island between February 16-24 and March 2-22, it will be offering a host of savings and freebies. These include:
  • Rooms for as low as $80 per night (now the question becomes how many co-eds can squeeze into one of them without anybody noticing?)
  • Free ferry and bus service around the island
  • Free entry to 9 events aimed at the spring breakers, which will range from cruises round the island to pool parties to something they're titling a "Pajama Pub Crawl". Oh, and the kids will get free food at these events, too.
  • Drink discounts. (Um, is that wise Bermuda?)
  • Discounts at restaurants and attractions
To learn more, click on this link which will take you to a page featuring the kind of tourist they're hoping to attract.

Bermuda, I gotta say, you're full of surprises!

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