Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Valentine's Day Round-Up of News

Which must start with news of consummation. Yes, US Airways and American Airlines are officially one as of Valentine's Day. Their boards announced today that they'd come to an agreement.

So what will the $11 billion dollar deal mean to travelers? I posted about that topic earlier this week, but other travel experts have also weighed in on such topics on what will happen with miles, how the integration of the two will affect customer service and whether or not ticket prices will go up (most agree with me that they will). To read a nice summary of a lot of other articles on this topic, click here.

Carnival Triumph Still At Sea
No reports on whether those on shore can smell the arriving vessel yet. Oy, what a fiasco. My heart goes out to all the folks trapped on that boat. See my article from earlier in the week on the ramifications of this disaster for cruise pricing. And if you're scheduled on the Triumph for a cruise before mid-April, contact your travel agent as the line has cancelled all of the ship's voyages until then.

Have you ever had a "vacationship"?
I discussed that very topic with the delightful Andrea Syrtash and turned our talk into an article that the Toronto Star is featuring today. It goes into the safety issues involved with meeting someone on the road, the best destinations to find an, er, vacation playmate (and which places to avoid) and why vacations can make your dating life better even if you don't meeting someone on the road. Click here to read the piece.

Improve Your Sex Life: Take a Vacation!
Or so says the US Tour Operators Association. Um, well, what would you expect them to say? But they've backed up this assertion with a study on traveler's love lives. Click here for more on that.   

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