Tuesday, February 19, 2013

UK The Cheap Way: 19GBP Private Hotel Rooms This Spring

A map of England using county flags (by Paul Callan)
Traveling to the UK this spring? You could snag a 19 GBP bed. And you WON'T be staying in a hostel.

That's right, a private room with private bath for just 19GBP. In London, you'll pay just 25 GBP for the privilege.

So how are these rooms? Well, they're available from Travelodge from March 22 through May 17. The chain has put some 50,000 rooms on sale. I've stayed in Travelodges in the past and have found them to be more than adequate. By which I mean clean, with comfortable beds, decent showers and nice people at the front desk. They're not the most stylish of places, but heck, at these prices do you want style, too?

To get the deal--and move quickly as it will sell out--head to www.travelodge.co.uk.



  1. I agree it is a mess.I just spent time researching that XL Airways doesn't list or sell on the big OTA's here.I realized it's now quite a few airlines that make it hard to even find their routes.For instance,I didn't know that XL is starting up a JFK-Marseilles Non Stop this summer.So I can't see the benefit for the airlines saving the commission, if people wont be able to even find their fares easily Best, Rob

  2. Sorry I was trying to post the above on your blog about Frontier airline.I already reposted there.
    Best, Travel Rob