Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Superb Sales from Hawaiian Airlines and Turkish Airlines

On January 15, I posted a blog about Turkish Airline's darn good sale. Well, it's been kicked up a notch, with airfares from Washington, DC to Istanbul falling to a jaw-dropping $399 round-trip. That includes all the ugly fees and taxes. Thanks to Johnny Jet for alerting us all to this sale. Here's his coverage of it, which deals with the parameters of the deal.

For those planning a tropical getaway, Hawaiian Airlines is also having a whopper of a sale. Just now, when I input March dates for New York City to Oahu, I got back a round-trip of less than $400 (it was $396 to be exact). To get the best prices, you'll need to be flexible with your dates. According to that site, airfares from the West Coast are starting at just $255 round-trip! Here's a link for that website.

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