Tuesday, September 27, 2011

European Rental Car Deals for Fall

And one needs deals to rent a car in Europe, what with the cost of gas being so high over there. (Though to be fair the cars are so much more fuel efficient across the pond, it all may shake out in the end).
Happily, several companies are offering serious discounts on fall and winter rentals.

Here's a quick list:
  • Sixt: Its best values are in Spain, where just 13 euros per day (about $16), will get you wheels. This low price is being offered from early November into mid-December and again on selected dates in January, 2012. Its offer for the UK is almost as good: 13 GBP (about $20) per day from now through the end of November (cars must be reserved by the end of October). Sixt also has good prices in the upcoming months for Ireland and France.
  • AutoEurope: To get in on this sale, you must book by the end of September. If you can move that quickly, you might be able to score a free upgrade in a number of European countries; an $18-a-day car in Ireland; a free GPS unit for rentals of seven day or more; and other discounts. Click on the link above for details.
  • Europcar: Before you book with one of the other two, do a quick test-drive of the EuropCar site, which is posting a 25% discount on rentals in many European countries. Since its prices are usually very competitive, this additional discount (for online bookings only) may match the specific prices given by the other companies for autumn rentals.
Perhaps I'll see you on the roads in Europe this fall! I'm heading to Wales come November to attend a cousin's wedding, and will be starting my search for the best rental prices with the three agencies listed above.


  1. I'd check the local car rental companies' sites for a good offer, they're cheaper year round. In the Canaries for example I prefer the autoreisen.es, a small car costs 100 euros per week.

  2. Nice post. i read your total post and like it. Thank you for sharing............

  3. Thanks for the posting. My friend got car from Sixt in Spain for the price you mentioned. Molto bene...

  4. I was initially planning for spending my vacations in Europe, but dropped my plan as i do not have any info regarding the car rental plans . Thanks for sharing this blog.

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