Wednesday, September 14, 2011

River Cruise Savings In Deep Fall

The Viking Helvetia in Koln (photo by Rolf Heinrich)
As I blogged several weeks ago, September is high season for chugs down the rivers of Europe, and discounts on this activity were nil, when I tried to find such a cruise for my mother. But October and November river cruises? They're practically giving them away.

Witness the latest offer from Viking River Cruises. For Danube and Rhine sailings in late October and November, its currently offering a two-for-the-price of one deal, and throwing in free airfare to boot. That brings the cost down to just $2456 per person, including air, for an eight day cruise, which ain't at all bad for this pricey activity. Its discounts must be booked by September 30.

Gate 1 Travel is trying to entice singles to hit the waters by waiving the dreaded singles supplement for November Danube sailings (between Nuremberg and Budapest). The cost of the weeklong jaunt is $999.

I found several other enticing fall deals at the consolidator site, an off-shoot of

As for Mom, she'll be returning on Saturday from Russia. As the person who booked it for her, I'm hoping she had the time of her life. Because if she didn't, I'll probably never hear the end of it!


  1. Is it because of the weather or why would the prices be so dramatically different? Hope your mom had fun in Russia ;)

  2. Hi Lily,
    Fall is low season to a number of destinations, so these types of sales aren't unusual. It's partially the chillier weather, and partially because so many people travel in the summer (and thus don't have a budget for fall getaways).

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