Friday, September 30, 2011

Freebie Friday: Win A Trip Anywhere in the World

That's right, you choose!

My home radio station, WOR 710 (it syndicates The Travel Show with Arthur and Pauline Frommer to 130 stations across the US), has teamed with  to offer a lollapolooza of a contest. Among the prizes:
  • Airfare for two, anywhere in the world (your choice!)
  • A $500 gift certificate
  • A five-year membership to
Voila! All the elements that you need for a fabulous, life-changing trip.

I especially like that the lodgings will be house swaps, the single most logical way to travel. Not only do you pay nothing for your lodgings, but you stay in an actual home in a real neighborhood, making the experience that much more personal and authentic. (A hidden perk to home exchanging: people usually not only exchange homes and cars, but also friends. Your host will likely ask a buddy in the destination to check in on you during the course of your stay. Voila! In-destination social network!)

Contestants must guess which destination my father and host Joan Hamburg would pick for their own vacations. A winner will be chosen from those who input the correct answer.

Click here for more info and let the games begin!


  1. I would love to win, let's see. Will Joan and your father be traveling together? Or are these separate destinations?

  2. One choice of destination, though they wouldn't be traveling together.