Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Travelodge Does It Again: Spanish Rooms For Less Than $20/Night This Fall and Winter

Since these sales tend to sell out quickly, I thought it important to give you all a one-day lead. So set your alarm clocks: starting tomorrow, the European hotel chain Travelodge will be selling some 75,000 night stays for either 12 GBP (approximately $19) in Spain; or 19 GBP (about $30). The sale goes on until all the rooms stays are sold out. The period of validity is from September 11, 2011 through January of 2012 (excluding New Year's Eve).

One of the swell things about Travelodge is that its room rates don't move by how many people you cram into the room. And the chain's rooms are smartly designed, so that groups of four can share many of the rooms, thanks to a pull out couch system. As for the decor: while you might not model your own home after it, it certainly ain't bad, consisting of Ikea-like furnishings and space saving fixtures. In case you were wondering: all rooms have private baths.

To book your room, head to Travelodge's website tomorrow. One warning: be sure about your dates and destinations, as there are no refunds on this one.

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