Thursday, September 15, 2011

National Passport Day Is This Saturday

What should you do to celebrate? Get one of 'em or encourage a friend to do so: two out of three Americans currently don't hold passports, a shockingly high percentage.

Photo by P Yodarus
Unlike so many commemorative days, when one is simply supposed to think kindly of the celebrated subject in question (World Rubber Day and International Speak Like a Pirate Day are also being celebrated this week), on Passport Day its actually easier than usual to get one of the little books. Some 26 passport offices, and many more post offices, will be staffing up to process all applicants. No advance appointments will be necessary.

However, it will be necessary to come prepared. A color photo of the correct size is required (click here for more details) and first-time applicants will have to bring two proofs of US citizenship (birth certificates and driver's licenses work). If the applicant is under the age of 16, both parents or guardians usually need to be present, see the link above for more details on that.

I've been a proud passport holder since I was four-months old. Though they've gotten pricier over the years (applying for a new adult one now costs $135), they not only are a great proof of citizenship but they also prove that one's a true citizen of the world.

Happy Passport Day all!

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