Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Las Vegas Nightlife Goes All-Inclusive

No, that won't mean a marriage license, a bottle of Patron, a visit to an "escort" and a strange new tattoo, in this case (hey, this isn't "The Hangover").

Pure Nightclub (photo by Blue)
Instead, Caesar's Entertainment has created a pass for its nightclubs that echoes what it's done with its buffets. For $44.99 guests will be given entry to up to seven clubs in one evening, which, in Sin City terms, stretches from 8pm all the way until 8am. Two of the clubs--Pure (at Caesar's) and the Pussycat Dolls Burlesque Saloon (at Planet Hollywood)--are considered red hot by nightlife afficionados. The Voodoo Lounge at Rio and Chateau Nightclub at the Paris are recommended for their outdoor areas and their views, more than the scene. And the others on the pass? Well, they're likely skippable. Still, with entry fees to just one of these clubs usually going for $30, this isn't a bad deal for those who like variety.
The big plus to the Pass? Bearers skip the general entry lines and are waved directly inside.

A negative? The pass won't work on Friday and Saturday nights.

One tip: sometimes checking in on your phone at Yelp or FourSquare can net you a free drink in Las Vegas nightclubs. With cocktails at $15-and-up a pop, it's worth investigating.

And if getting sweaty in a dance club is too old hat for you, know that the folks who run the zipline at the Fremont Street Experience are planning to expand it soon. So double the thrills with less of a wait, very soon. (And since the price tag is just $15, it's also less pricey than a club).

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