Monday, January 23, 2012

Ah, Paris in the Springtime! Won't You Join Me There?

For the second year in the row, I'm going to be getting a little friendlier on my travels.

By which I mean, instead of traveling solo (or just with my family), I'm going to be accompanying a group of Travel Show listeners to Paris, Provence and the French Riviera on a GoAhead Tour. We'll be heading out on April 30, arriving in Nice and then spending two nights there, three nights in lovely Aix en Provence, jumping the high speed train to Paris for three nights there.

It should be a hoot! And what a time to go: the tourist crowds won't yet have descended, the weather will be perfect, the sidewalk cafes will be filled, and all the restaurants will be open. Yes, sometimes I really do have quite an enviable job!

I did this sort of tour last year, and I have to say, it went very, very well. A lot of the credit goes to GoAhead Tours who hired the best tour director I've ever met for our joint Sicilian tour. A spitfire of a gal named Linda, she was incredibly witty, friendly and resourceful. Linda dealt with every problem that arose with grace and dignity (and when you travel in groups, problems do arise. The airline lost  baggage, an elderly passenger's purse was snatched, etc., etc). But beyond that, she helped turn our group of strangers into a real little family. I've been invited to several reunions of tour members here in NYC--people who didn't know each other before, but became fast friends in Italy.

I keep writing about the listeners who took last years tour, but in reality, the tour is open to anyone who wants to come, which is why I decided to post the information here. And those who book before the end of this month will get a freebie: an optional "Evening in Paris" excursion, which includes a river cruise and dinner!

For complete information, click here. Prices listed include airfare and all taxes and fees (no surprises!).

Hope to see you in France this spring!

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