Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Three New Routes for Frontier, Three New Sales For Us

At a time when most of the airlines are cutting flights and sending out smaller planes, little Frontier Airlines is bucking the trend. It just announced it will be adding three new routes and to publicize them, it'll be throwing a darn good sale. The routes are:
  •  Kansas City-Orlando (flights now through April 15 only)
  • Grand Rapids-Washington, DC (Reagan National Airport)
  • Madison-Washington, DC (Reagan National Airport)
For the latter two routes, the sale price is a reasonable $79 each way. Those hoping to get to DisneyWorld (or escape it by fleeing to Kansas City) will pay $109 each. In the case of the routes from Kansas City to Orlando and Madison to DC, Frontier's itinerary is the only non-stop option available to travelers. In terms of savings, passengers are looking at shaving anywhere from $20 to $80 round-trip off the regular costs of these routes (not bad!).

For more, go to for more info; there are also gimmes for frequent flyers with this promotion.

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