Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ultra-Chic Chicago Hotel Rooms for $1

Famed hotelier Ian Schrager is attempting to work his magic in Chicago, turning what had been a somewhat run down old stalwart (the Ambassador West Hotel) into a cutting edge boutique hotel, Public Chicago, both for travelers and nightlife junkies. The new hotel opened this fall.

A bedroom at the Public Chicago
To that end, he's done up the rooms in his popular "no color color palette" (the hotel's term not mine), which means white upon grayer white upon beiger white upon taupe. I guess the idea is supposed to be that you've landed in heaven, but the lack of color makes me think "hospital room". Still, its all very plush (despite the popcorn ceilings), with good quality bedding and such nice touches as lender computers and free wifi.  And the Pump Room bar downstairs hops most nights with locals, always a good sign.

But the bottom line is: the new hotel seems to be struggling. How else can one explain the fact that its going to be giving away $1 rooms for an unnamed 90-day period? Obviously, management is hoping that those who take the freebie will spread the word about Chicago's latest option to their friends.

So why not take 'em up on it. To get the deal, you enter your email at the Public's website. Staff will then contact you when the $1 rooms go on sale and you'll have 48 hours in which to snag one. Good luck!


  1. $1 a night? This is an amazing promo! Looks like Public Chicago will be able to attract some loyal guests afterwards.

    1. I agree with you, one night stay at 1$ in hotel is such an interesting thing.

      The Ivy