Tuesday, January 10, 2012

That's the Spirit! New Fees From the Airline Everyone Loves to Hate

You say you got an email announcing $7 fares between one sun-drenched southern US city and another. Hit delete real quick.

That's because the author of the email is likely Spirit Airlines and when one counts up all the extra fees it adds, its rarely the cheapest option. Two more are coming down the pike and will prove my point even more forcefully.

Beginning January 24, Spirit will tack on a fee of $5 for every boarding pass printed by an aiport agent. (And no, these aren't chocolate or gold tickets; I wish!)

No problem you say: I'll just use the check in kiosk. Well, that'll work for now. But starting June 30th, a fee of $2 will be added on for those who print out tickets from there.

You gotta give 'em points for creativity!

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  1. Allegiant takes some maneuvering on their site to avoid some fees,but one can avoid most of the them pretty easy and get some bargain fares. I totally agree with on Spirit.It would be a full time job to try and avoid most of their fees.

    Travel Rob