Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Buy Airline Tickets Six Weeks Ahead of Your Flight to Save

I love number crunchers. Especially when they help save me money.

And that's what the lovable geeks at the Airlines Reporting Corp have done.They looked at airfare transactions, millions of them, from the last four years and found that those who booked tickets six weeks ahead of travel paid 6% less than the average fare on that route. Not surprisingly, those who waited until the day of the flight paid a whopping 40% more than the average fare on that route. In fact, if you look at the nifty chart they posted, you'll see that prices start to rise sharply about 7 days before the flight date, and go up each day one waits.

How does ARC have all this data? Its the company that handles transactions between the United States' travel agents and airlines.

Just thought you'd like to know!


  1. That's useful info.That's about what I've seen as well with most airlines prices.Occasionally there will be a last minute sale, but I think that is generally pretty good advice.

    Now with the student travel agent sites like STA and Student Universe,I've noticed bargain flights about 10 days prior to departure.And often STA fares are for everybody not just students and teachers.The travel agents sites are usually good for one way fares as well

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  3. Six weeks sounds like the magic number. I usually book about 8 weeks in advance.

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