Thursday, January 26, 2012

World's Best Tour Guides? Possibly..If You Can Afford Them

Interested in going on safari with a former NFL cheerleader turned PhD, who has won two Emmy's for her TV show "National Geographic Ultimate Explorer"? Or how about taking some ski runs with an Olympic gold medalist in the sport?

It can be arranged.

A new website called Zozi is making a name for itself by pairing world-class athletes and outdoorsmen (and women) with would-be adventurers. Its prices can be high. Book the safari mentioned above with Mireya Mayer and the 20-hour overnighter (its billed as a "Sunset Safari") will cost you a whopping $1500 per person. Learning to kayak from World Record holder Tao Berman will set you back $1200.

Still for some wealthy adventurers, the outlay may be worth it. To learn more, click on the link above. Zozi also arranges less high profile (and pricey) adventures in spots around the globe.

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