Friday, January 13, 2012

Freebie Friday: Free Peru Tours...

...When you can convince a friend to come along with you. Or your boss to give you a super-long vacation.

Let me explain. Starting today, innovative small-group adventure company Intrepid Travel ( will be giving away one free Peru tour for every one booked between today and March 13, for travel by Sept 30.

Walking stick vendors, Inca Trail (photo by Ian Armstrong)
But Intrepid isn't dissing solo travelers with this giveaway. Those who don't have someone to travel with (and thus earn the freebie), will be allowed to add on another Peru trip free of charge. That's a wonderful gimme, because many of the tours leave immediately after the others end, and hit different areas of this fascinating country.

If the traveler doesn't have time for two tours, no worries: they'll get a 30% discount on their booked Peru tour.

The tours being discounted in this fashion are:
As you might assume, if you're a solo going on two tours you'll pay for the more expensive one. 

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